Hubblu v/s your WebBrowser. How we saved upto 40% of time using Hubblu

Here’s a little background of what did to see how effective “Hubblu” was in saving time for C-Level Executive.

We tried to replicate the environment of a typical C-Level Executive(as close as possible) on checking emails, team chat, project management, and other work apps on Broswer for 3 conseutive days.

Then tried to replicate the same activities for another 3 days(but this time using Hubblu), and we’ve documented all the results as you can see as follows.

The main idea behind hubblu is to offer “Distraction Free Workspace” thereby saving time and increasing productivity.

Some Nitty-Gritty Details
Platform Used: Mac
Length of the experiment: 6 days(3+3)
Work Apps Involved: Email, Clickup(project management), Telegram(for personal chat), and finally Ubblu(for team chat)
Experiment Conducted by: Thiago(Our CTO)
Solved for: Cutting Down Distractions( and Saving Time

Thiago’s typical work day starts from 8AM and ends at 5PM. So, the experiment has been carried out between these intervals.

—————————————Experiment Notes Start—————————————
Morning (around 8am) – clickup, email, telegram, ubblu, etc
Normal Workflow: 20-25min
Using Hubblu: 17-20min

Time saved using Hubblu: 3-5min

Post meetings – notes, clickup, etc:
Normal Workflow: 10-15min
Using Hubblu: 7-10min

Time saved using Hubblu: 3-5min

After lunch (around 1:30PM) – clickup, email, telegram, ubblu, etc: 30-35min
Normal workflow: 30-35min
Using Hubblu: 20-23min

Time saved when used hubblu: 10-12min

(I admit I am normally slower around here and tend to lose my concentration more often. That is why my avg time is higher and also why hubblu was more useful)

Evening (around 4:30PM) – answering last messages, clening up work schedule and making sure goals were met:
Normal Workflow: 20-25min
Using Hubblu: 16-18min

Time saved when used hubblu: 4-7min

—————————-Experiment Notes End———————————————-

To summarize, on a typical work day, on avg spend of 1h-1h 10min, Thiago was able to save an avg of 20-29min using Hubblu

We’ve been successful in saving 28-40% of overall time spent by cutting down on distractions, and having easy work-navigation.

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