[June 2021] Hubblu is Acquired

To whom it may concern,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for signing up and supporting Hubblu. Thank you

When we started Hubblu, we grew it as our baby trying to groom it, taking feedback, and making it a better productivity suite. had a vision for next 5 years to make it an easy-to-use virtual office software.

The covid-19 pandemic has not only affected many lives but also affected our ability to continue developing Hubblu financially. That’s the reason why you haven’t heard an development update/patch from us for so many weeks now.

We didn’t want our inabilities to hinder the growth of Hubblu.

So, we started finding a new owner.

Then, we found Salman(salman@myhubblu.com) as a capable, passionate entrepreneur to take Hubblu forward

Founder | Myhubblu.com

About Salman(the New Owner of Hubblu) in his own words:
I’m Salman, Internet Entrepreneur and a Supply Chain and Logistics Expert, I’ve always been interested in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and new emerging technologies that can be implemented in the online business world. It can be hard to start off your online business, or grow your already established one to new heights in this competitive field. I’ve had my fair share of failures and confusion, that’s why I am on a mission to make it easier!

I am determined to exploring and providing new innovative ideas and solutions that can be implemented in any online business, and help make the path to success EASIER on the Internet for all other online entrepreneurs out there!

What happens to the Founders after this acquisiton?
We’ll not be officially part of the team, but do our best to support the new owner in developing Hubblu. We want to see Hubblu grow and succeed

Thiago(technical co-founder) has started for full-time job in his native Brazil
And, I’m starting a growth marketing agency called Syncsa.com

We’ll take some time off before we begin another SaaS journey together. We’re entrepreneurs by heart and love solving problems. If we both find a problem interesting enough to solve, then we’ll definitely join hands and come up with something meaningful

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