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Rob Boirun
Owner of PopnetMedia Agency

I'm a marketer myself having to go back and forth with project management tools, emails, team chat, and more on a daily basis. It's very time consuming and also distracting.
          That's why I decided to give Hubblu a try. Now, I have a single glass pane window to look thru all my tools.
          It's a huge productivity booster for me 

Full Stack Developer

Hubblu is a time saver for me. As a freelancer, going thru my client's requirements thru project management tool, and then co-ordinate with client thru email/chat(which is another app).
        Switching between apps is time-consuming and computer-resource consuming(for a tech savvy like me).
           With hubblu, switching between work apps is so easy

Amrit Manthan
Content Marketer

Being a part-time student, part-time bookaholic, and full-time content writer, I am a part of a lot of groups. Interaction fuels ideas as well as the need to do something more, plus, I'm quite the talkative person.
            But, having to switch b/w every app to share one meme or tagline is a hassle.
I see Hubblu to be the solution for exactly that. It makes conversation seamless, so that you can focus on what is important for you. 

Rohan Kumar
Full Stack Developer

We use slack for work in our team. And, then we use another project management tool to keep track of tasks.  This disconnectivity between platforms sometimes off-track me from my flow of work(like checking linkedin/facebook). It's kinda disorganized.
That's why I tried Hubblu when I saw it.
             Now, I have all my team chat/personal chat and project management tools under my control
I love it. I can recommend it for anyone looking for a distraction-free-workspace 

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Update(June 4th 2021)
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