Why did we build Hubblu?

When you're into work mode, you typically have many work applications OPEN. With so many applications open in your task bar and browser window, spotting the work app you need becomes very challenging


A typical browser window of a project manager


A typical taskbar of a project manager

Not finding the app at the right time can be game-changing on such occasions and you might bear a heavy loss.

Although it might only take you a few seconds to switch to that app, but think about the distraction that it causes.

        And you probably already know that once distracted, it takes some time to get back into the flow state.

Also add the time you’ll waste when repeating this process several times a day and hundreds of times a week

For instance, haven’t you come across a scenario where you  remembered to respond to a client on LinkedIn while trying to open Slack? 

The Solution

We've Built Hubblu, which empowers you to chat with your team, plan your projects, check your emails, and more without minimizing your work. 


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You no longer have to spend time finding the apps anymore. With Hubblu, you have all the apps in one place so you can access them instantly whenever you want!

Update: See the experiment results of how Hubblu can save upto 40% of your time

Are you Ready?

Take your productivity to the next level with Hubblu. Simply click the button below to enjoy distraction free workspace


Hubblu is a distraction-free workspace with all your favorite team chat, emails, calendars, and project management tools – 1-Click Away! Read the Idea Behind Hubblu

Update(June 4th 2021)
Hubblu found a new home, click here to know more

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