Discover the Eye-Opening Use Cases of Hubblu…

Collaborate with your Team

Take notes or create actionable todos on-the-go(on your fav project management) while you're attending a meeting.

Compare Info EASILY              

No more painful opening of new tabs and logging in to different apps to verify/crosscheck information. With Hubblu, you can simultaneously compare information from different apps with just a few clicks.

Answer your Clients

Whether it be your clients, work partners, or bosses, you can seamlessly communicate with everyone and quickly answer their work-related questions as your work is never minimized

Easy Work Sharing  

One-click work sharing with your team members to get instant feedback without back and forth emails. Simultaneously work on multiple projects without ever needing to minimize anything. 

Be prepared for more....

We are constantly adding further integrations and functionalities to Hubblu to become a distraction free workspace! Read How Hubblu can save upto 40% of your time


Hubblu is a distraction-free workspace with all your favorite team chat, emails, calendars, and project management tools – 1-Click Away! Read the Idea Behind Hubblu

Update(June 4th 2021)
Hubblu found a new home, click here to know more

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