The Only Team Communication Hub

with ALL your FAVORITE team chat, emails, calendars, and project management tools in just 1-Click on your desktop


Is this how you collaborate with your team?

See how using a team chat application blocks your work(in background)


Then it's time for a change. Hubblu

Hubblu is a floating team communication hub that can be dragged anywhere onto your desktop



Integrates with all your favorite tools

Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Outlook, Trello, Whereby Jitsi and lot more 


Seamless Navigation

Switch between all your team work apps in just 1-click.


Easy Work Sharing

Share what you're working on with your team members in just 1-click. Stay in sync with your team while you work 


We're Secure

We value your privacy, so we don't store any of your application logins on our servers. They're stored on your desktop We're GDPR Friendly. See our privacy policy

Join us Early

Be part of our beta Program to become one of the first ones to try Hubblu and receive these benefits.

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Hubblu is a team communication hub with all your favorite team chat, emails, calendars, and project management tools in 1-Click. 

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